DataFrame.info(verbose: Optional[bool] = None, buf: Optional[_io.StringIO] = None, max_cols: Optional[int] = None, memory_usage: Optional[bool] = None, show_counts: Optional[bool] = None) → None

Print a concise summary of a DataFrame.

This method prints information about a DataFrame including the index dtype and column dtypes, non-null values and memory usage.

See pandas.DataFrame.info for full details.


This copies a lot of code from pandas.DataFrame.info as it is difficult to split out the appropriate code or creating a SparseDataFrame gives incorrect results on types and counts.


>>> df = ed.DataFrame('http://localhost:9200', 'ecommerce', columns=['customer_first_name', 'geoip.city_name'])
>>> df.info()
<class 'eland.dataframe.DataFrame'>
Index: 4675 entries, 0 to 4674
Data columns (total 2 columns):
 #   Column               Non-Null Count  Dtype...
---  ------               --------------  -----...
 0   customer_first_name  4675 non-null   object
 1   geoip.city_name      4094 non-null   object
dtypes: object(2)
memory usage: ...
Elasticsearch storage usage: ...